Undergoing Maintenance

We Will Be Back Soon

This site was loading too slow, so we are rebuilding from scratch.

Non-Standard Maintenance

Normally a site goes off-line for a couple of minutes or hours, depending on how involved the updates are. This is a complete overhaul, so we will be down for a couple of weeks. BUT, this site will be super fast, sexy looking, and have new features.

Feature Updates

We are adding new features that we were unable to add previously due to the stress it put on our servers. This site took way too long to load on some pages. This is unacceptable. This new site will make it seem like you have a brand new computer.

Bug Fixes

A major part of this upgrade is removing a few bugs that caused spamming the comments, and a couple pages hanging while loading heavy data. A major issue was two plug-ins that didn’t auto-update, which allowed bots to come in and play. The only way to remove these bugs and bots was to start over.