Affiliate Marketing Overview

Affiliate Marketing Overview

It’s awesome that you are here on my website looking to learn and become a better Affiliate Marketer. I am grateful that you put your trust in me to guide you. The very essence of this website is all about affiliate marketing so it goes without saying that I will have links throughout my posts and pages. These affiliate links will send you to an outside source for a product or service that I myself am either currently using or have used in the past. By clicking on these links, you understand that I may be paid a commission if you purchase or sign-up for a service. I WILL NOT promote an offer that I do not agree with or trust just to make a quick buck. The LOVE of money is the root of all evil. I do not love money, I love my readers 🙂
The money earned through my affiliate links helps support my wife and me. If you purchase through my links, it is greatly appreciated and my wife and I thank you 🙂


Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn passive income without having to develop your own products or offer your own services, or as a way to generate additional income from products that complement what you already have to offer. But with that being said, getting started with affiliate marketing can be a bit overwhelming. So, let’s look at 7 beginners’ steps to affiliate marketing to get you started today.

1. Develop Marketing Streams
First things first, you need to develop marketing streams to connect the affiliate product to your target audience. Basically, you need a way to tell people about the affiliate product or service and do a soft pitch, showing them how that product or service could help make their life better. That means using tools like social media and a website or blog that gets regular traffic to market the affiliate product.

2. Define Your Niche
Once you have a way to communicate with your target audience, you need to define the affiliate marketing niche that’s the best fit for you. When selecting a niche, it’s best to choose something that is in line with your existing businesses products or services, or something you are passionate about. Some examples include health and wellness, technology, or digital marketing.

3. Identify Companies with Affiliate Programs in Your Niche
Once you have defined your niche, it’s time to identify companies within that niche that have an affiliate program. Make a list of all companies in your niche, and then narrow that list down to the ones that would complement your business or your affiliate marketing strategy the best.

4. Create a Target Affiliate Marketing Program List
After you have a list of the best affiliate programs for you, narrow it down even further. Choose 3 to 4 programs to start with on your affiliate program journey. After you’ve established yourself within those initial programs, you can add more affiliate offerings to increase your earning potential.

5. Create Content That Drives Traffic
Now that you have the top affiliate programs you want to market, you need to create content that will get your target audience to learn about the product and, most importantly, click on your affiliate link! Content could include blog posts, social media posts, vlogs, or training videos.

6. Leverage Email Marketing
One of the best ways to get clicks on your affiliate marketing links is to leverage email marketing. Use your website or blog as a mechanism to collect email addresses by offering giveaways or valuable content that requires registration. Then, use email marketing to bring awareness to your affiliate products and increase clicks on your links.

7. Evaluate Your Progress
Finally, evaluate your progress and join new affiliate programs that fit within your niche. Affiliate marketing programs will provide basic data like the number of unique clicks on your link, make sure you use this information to get an understanding of how successful your affiliate marketing efforts are, and adjust your strategy as needed. When you’re ready, join new affiliate programs to increase your income potential.

These are seven basic steps for beginners to start a career as an Affiliate Marketer. This is obviously in no way an all-inclusive guide but just an overview. I couldn’t possibly cover everything in a simple post which is why I would like to direct you to a couple of training sites. And don’t worry, I’m not going to ask you to get your wallet or purse out…yet 🙂 This is FREE training and both of the courses I want to point you to are very good.

The first one is a Silver Membership at the Affiliate Profits Club. I purchased the Resell Rights after seeing the value and the option of being able to offer the Silver Membership for free instead of charging a one-time fee of $97. So, CLICK HERE TO JOIN!

The second training I want to point you to is LAZY COMMISSIONS. This is a structured training with a built-in affiliate program.

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