Article Spinners – Stay Away!

Article Spinners – Stay Away!


If you want to hide from the public and keep your website from ever being discovered by search engines, go ahead and use an Article Spinner. But if you would like to rank your site and make money, stay as far away from those Spinners. They are trash!!

It will not take you very long as you begin your career as an Affiliate Marketer, until you come across your first offering to purchase an Article Spinner. They will glorify it as making your job “effortless” and a great time saver. You won’t have to do any work while Google ranks your site on Page One. The money will start pouring in, they promise you.

So, what is an Article Spinner? It would be laughable, if it didn’t cost you money. A Spinner takes any written work and rearranges the wording so as to create a different work. For example, “the dog caught the cat” would become “the cat was caught by the dog”. And this is one of the “better” ones. Others simply rearrange the words without adding any words to makes sense. Such as, “the cat caught by the dog”. They don’t add “was” to make the sentence readable. YOU would have to read through everything and make sense of it all. So, you’re still working and writing.

Another thing Spinners do is they will change and swap words to make an original work. And the creators practically break their arms patting themselves on their backs heralding this feature. I wonder if they even care about their customers because the garbage that comes out is useless. For example, “the dog caught the cat” becomes “the canine got the feline”. Don’t believe me? Look at the screenshot below I took for you. Who talks or writes like that?!


It gets worse as you spin paragraphs. The following screenshot shows the first paragraph of this post run through a Spinner:


As you can see, this isn’t a natural way of writing and unless you use a Spinner 100% of the time, the articles that you don’t spin will stand out. Doesn’t the result look like the Spam articles found in the comments section of most sites? Hmmm, Interesting.

Now, I know some people do write with “big” words. I used to, but now only when writing my personal memoirs or poems. When you are dealing with the general public, you will hear the whispers and see the quick glances your way as you speak this way. But this spun result changes the meaning of what I was saying. Re-read my paragraph and compare it to the spun result, and you will see what I am talking about.

Another thing Spinners do is take other people’s work on YouTube and transcribe their videos (without their permission). This transcription is then posted on your website as “original content”. This TICKS ME OFF!! Yes, you are legally allowed to embed videos on your own site but nowhere is it stated that you are allowed to transcribe videos without the creator’s permission. Not only are you stealing someone’s hard work and claiming it as your own, you are now trying to make money off of their hard work without them seeing a penny. 

It is imperative that you cease from entertaining this preposterous notion of spinning the creative works of others, so you may accomplish monetary rewards from your endeavors without the laborious self-efforts thereby creating a sense of false gratification. Sorry, I mean – DON’T USE SPINNERS!


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