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One aspect of having a website live online that is too often overlooked by beginner Affiliate Marketers is Legal Compliance. This isn’t something to be ignored because you don’t want to be bothered by it or it is boring. If you publish your site and you never bothered to make your site compliant, you will be fined. And if you are from outside the European Union, you are still obligated to follow the rules if your subscribers or customers are in the EU.

You no longer have to dread trying to figure out how to make your site compliant because there is a cloud-based software that makes this so easy. That software is named GDPR My Site by Randolf Smith. I have been using this on all my sites for about a year now and it is a breeze to set-up. If you buy this using my link, I will include a video training to make this even easier for you. There is some setting up you need to do which isn’t hard but can seem intimidating at first glance. I will help you get everything up and running in no time. The purchase comes with a PDF showing you how to get set up, but I wish I had a video training when I first bought it.

If you came to this site from the EU, you already saw GDPR My Site in action. If you are on this site from outside the EU, this is what it looks like:

One of the cool features of GDPR My Sites is you can hide this from visitors to your site who are outside the EU. Another cool feature is you can create a color scheme to match your branding, as you can see above. The notice on the left matches my branding on the site you are on right now. The one on the right matches the branding of my Search & Splurge site.

Here’s everything GDPR My Site will do for you:

Works On All Websites – It doesn’t matter if your site is built using HTML code, a WordPress site, or a 3rd party page builder. You will log-in to your dashboard to create your GDPR campaign. Then you simply copy and paste your embed code, and you’re done. My video training will show how to do this easily.

Cookie Consent App – Cookie Consent is what your visitors must agree to for you to be allowed to create cookies. Marketing without this consent is illegal.

Use On One or Unlimited Sites – You have the choice to purchase a 1-site license ($29.95), a multi-site (unlimited) license ($37.00), or a Developer license ($39.95). If you use coupon code “save10” at checkout, you can get a Developer’s license for only $29.00. This allows you to not only use on unlimited sites you own, but also on your client’s sites. Obviously, this is the better deal out of all of them.

Full Customization – As I mentioned earlier, you can change the look of GDPR My Site. You can also add videos and images to what is shown to your visitors.

Data Request System – Your visitors need a way to request all the data you hold on them. A system is built into this app providing a way for your visitors to request this data. You will be notified via email about the request, then you simply give it to them.

Data Deletion Request System – Same as above. You will be notified via email about their request, then just delete all their data.

Cloud Hosted – Nothing to install or download. You just log in to your account, click “Create”, work on your campaign, name it, and save it. Then copy and paste your 1 line of code into your site. That’s it.

Central Command – If you purchase the Multi-site or Developer’s license, you will be able to access ALL of your GDPR campaigns from one place.

Location Intelligence – You can show only to visitors to your site from the EU, or to everyone… it’s up to you.

Consent Logging – GDPR requires you to log when a visitor accepts your terms and thereby consents to your site’s use of their data. This is built into the app, and you can access it at any time.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Like I said, I use this on all my sites, so I have no worries. Go and pick up GDPR My Sites now. And don’t forget to use coupon code “save10” at checkout on the Developer’s license. It will cost less than the other two with the coupon.

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