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RANKR is a WordPress plug-in that helps you find Keywords that you can rank for. And you can use these keywords as your Tags also which will help you even more to rank higher on Google.

Like all of the products I promote on my websites, I purchased this plug-in and I use it on my sites. I also purchased the Pro upgrade which I’ll talk about later. Here are the features of this great product:

  • Optimize any of your Posts within seconds
  • Find thousands (not an exaggeration) of Keywords to help you Rank Higher
  • SEO Tagging – something a lot of people ignore
  • Social Signals to help share your site and Posts
  • Create Backlinks effortlessly for your websites
  • Beginner friendly
  • Unlimited Sites License

The price is awesome too. It’s just $12.95 but if you use coupon code RANKOFF you will get it for only $7.95. They have a 30-day money back guarantee, but I don’t think you will be asking for a refund. But that’s not all…

If you buy now, they are giving away their Award Winning software, Zappr, plus the upgrade to Zappr Pro – for FREE!

Now, let me tell you about RANKR PRO

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