Profiting from PLR Rights Newbie to Pro

It’s awesome that you are here on my website looking to learn and become a better Affiliate Marketer. I am grateful that you put your trust in me to guide you. The very essence of this website is all about affiliate marketing so it goes without saying that I will have links throughout my posts and pages. These affiliate links will send you to an outside source for a product or service that I myself am either currently using or have used in the past. By clicking on these links, you understand that I may be paid a commission if you purchase or sign-up for a service. I WILL NOT promote an offer that I do not agree with or trust just to make a quick buck. The LOVE of money is the root of all evil. I do not love money, I love my readers 🙂
The money earned through my affiliate links helps support my wife and me. If you purchase through my links, it is greatly appreciated and my wife and I thank you 🙂


Another great product created by Dan Sumner and Dave Nicholson to help new marketers get off to a fast start. I have personally purchased several products from them, and yes, including this one. Even though I’m not a beginner, I know the quality of their products and the information and usefulness they offer. Nobody knows everything but that’s not why I bought this. I bought this to sell it myself. How can I do this? It’s PLR! You see, if you purchase this, you have the right to resell it as your own. You can sell it “as is” but I discourage you from doing that. You want to stand out from the crowd, make it your own. But if you are just beginning and have no idea how to write your own book or how to create your own product to sell as your own, this is perfect. I suggest you actually read it first before you do anything with it because it’s not a crap product to quickly unload for a quick buck. As I mentioned earlier, Dan and Dave create quality products. You will learn a lot about PLR from this so, even if you are a seasoned marketer but know nothing about PLR, this is perfect.

Now, this isn’t just an eBook. If it was, then “Newbie to Pro” should be removed from the title. They include EVERYTHING you need to sell this as your own with very little effort.  You get:

  • Complete Ready-to Sell Product
  • Full Mini-site Graphical Template
  • Professionally Written Sales Page
  • Ready-Made Squeeze Page
  • Fully Editable Word Source Docs
  • PLR Profit Machine Training
  • High Quality Images
  • 20 PLR Articles
  • Ready-to-Go Email Swipes
  • Ready-to-Go Download Pages
  • Photoshop Source Files
  • Easy Page Buildr

All you have to do is set everything up and you’re ready to sell. What? You have no idea how to set this up? You’re a newbie? Remember how I said Dan and Dave create quality products? Well, they show you how to get set up and trust me, they make it very easy. If you do have any trouble, their support is top notch so you have nothing to worry about.

And if your next question is “how do I create my webpage to sell this?”, well that’s what Easy Page Buildr is for. I did a review on it but I can’t seem to find it LOL! When I do, I will provide the link to it here. It’s on YouTube but I don’t remember which channel. Easy Page Buildr is, in my opinion, the easiest page builder out there. You basically click and type. Seriously, it’s that easy.

You can make more money as a Vendor selling your own products. It’s hard for some, easy for others, but it is very time consuming for all creators. If you are ready to take that next step in your journey as an Affiliate Marketer, or a Marketer in general then this is a great product to purchase.

Now here comes my sales pitch 😉 If you purchase from me, I will reward you by giving you 10 awesome bonuses. These aren’t cheap, outdated, crappy “bonuses”. I hand-picked these to compliment ‘Profiting from PLR Rights Newbie to Pro‘ to help you get a flying start learning how to create your own products.

  • Bonus #1: Search & Splurge – Earn $20 – $200/mo. doing simple Google and Bing searches. I am still doing this even today.
  • Bonus #2: Create Your Own Help Desk with osTicket – This is a training product I created to teach how to set up your own Help Desk.
  • Bonus #3: Product Profits Club – Free Silver Membership teaching you how to create our own products.
  • Bonus #4: Power Copy Club – Free Silver Membership teaching you how to write copy for blogs and your own eBooks.
  • Bonus #5: The Why & How of Product Creation – Another one of my courses on product creation.
  • Bonus #6: 50 Ways to Profit from Resell & PLR Products – No need to explain what this is about other than you can resell this.
  • Bonus #7: PLR Profits – This is a step-by-step system showing you how to profit from PLR.
  • Bonus #8: Product Creation Hero – This is an oldie but goodie. I very rarely sell or giveaway older products but this is still relevant today.
  • Bonus #9: Surefire Wealth Silver Membership – This is an awesome bonus to help you build your PLR library. Free PLR you can resell.
  • Bonus #10: Unannounced Mystery Bonus…well, not announced now but you don’t know what it is.

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Thanks for reading 🙂